klstr uses kubernetes to help your engineering team implement effective engineering practices like CI/CD, Monitoring, Alerting, Logging and Tracing while simultaneously enabling your solution to scale seamlessly

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Install and Manage your kubernetes cluster on both managed environments like GKE, EKS or AKS or roll your own on EC2, GCE or in your datacenter on top of VMWare VSphere or OpenStack. We stay close to the open source community maintained version of Kubernetes to quickly facilitate updates as Kubernetes' core community brings in enhancements and bug fixes

Import users from Github/Gitlab/ActiveDirectory into your Kubernetes klstr
Streamline your builds with a modern CI/CD system backed by Drone
Turbocharge your development team with out of the box support for aggregated logging with Elastic, Fluentd and Kibana
Keep track of metrics that matter to you with Prometheus and Grafana.
Help developers trace and analyze each call through your web of microservices with OpenTracing/Jaeger.
Monitor application errors with stacktraces using sentry
Automate mundane tasks with our out of the box operators tailored for your platform. Eg., our Route53 operator sets up Route53 entries for your ingress resource or CloudDB operator to setup RDS/Cloud SQL instances, databases with strict access controls and jobs to back up your database on to S3/Cloud Storage.
We maintain Helm charts for most commonly used infrastucture components such as Redis, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Gitlab, Drone, Nexus, VMWare Harbor etc.,
Get notified on Slack / Discord for devops events
We can help you dockerize and migrate your applications to kubernetes. We can help your development team to adapt your existing applications and services to a 12 factor app. We can also quickly assess your system from a DevOps standpoint and provide pointers and help you adopt the industry best practices to provide operational visibility and situational awareness for your deployments.
We conduct Kubernetes workshops to help you skill up and learn the DevOps platform of the future. Please fill this form if are interested in attending any of the upcoming workshops. Or you can email us at klstr@tarkalabs.com